When Should I Prepare My Spring Vegetable Garden Beds?

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When Should I Prepare My Spring Vegetable Garden Beds?

When should I prepare my spring vegetable garden beds? Great Question! Winter is coming to an end and that means warmer sunshine, longer days, and dreams of our garden to come! Whether you are planting for the first time or getting ready for another (literally fruitful) harvest, here are 5 tips that will be helpful when you plant your garden this spring. 

Number 1: Wait until after your last frost to plant your garden boxes. You can look up your last frost date on a site like this. A good plan of attack is to plant your raised cedar garden boxes at least two weeks after the last frost. 

Number 2: Don’t forget to consult the back of your seed packet for information on germination and days to harvest. You may decide to start your seeds inside. 

Number 3: Consider your soil temps. Warmer weather plants like soil that is at least 60 degrees fahrenheit. Colder weather crops like radishes, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and  peas, can enjoy soil that is at least 50 degrees fahrenheit. They can also survive a surprise frost if they need to!

example of cold weather vegetables to plant in spring
Colder Weather Vegetables

Number 4: Remember not to plant your crops too close together. Try to imagine the size they will be at fully grown so that they don’t have to compete for space and soil nutrients. 

Number 5: Lastly, have a spare blanket around that you wouldn’t mind throwing over your garden friends, just in case a final frost surprises you. They may need to snuggle up for a night to stay frost-free. 

when to plant your garden tips
When to Plant Your Garden

These tips can help you on your way to having a strong and healthy garden this spring. Good luck, and most of all stay positive. Gardening is not just a hobby it’s a lifestyle. For more information on filling your garden box with soil click HERE.

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