About Backyard Boxes

About Our Products

At Backyard Boxes, our garden boxes address the biggest challenges with raised bed gardening.  Too many products and DIY attempts today fail because they aren’t engineered to last like a Backyard Boxes Garden Bed. 

More than a “dirt box” each Backyard Box combines strength, functionality and elegance to make a garden box that will complement the beauty of your home garden.

What makes a Backyard Boxes garden box so different? 

In addition to the unique Modern Farmhouse inspired design, each Backyard Boxes garden box relies on 3 key features to enhance its strength and durability.

Thick External Frame 

Thicker lumber lasts longer.  Our frames are made from 2” and 4” lumber creating a sturdy support structure for the box.  This frame is strong and wide enough to sit on while gardening.  

Thicker Lumber
Overlapping Panels

Overlapping panels help the side walls resist soil pressure and reduce bowing and warping of the wood over time, they also help make sure soil cannot spill out between boards.

Embedded Sides

Embedded side walls reduce excess hardware keeping metals away from the soil.  Each side panel is embedded a half inch on all sides into the frame resisting soil pressure and increasing the stability of the box.

Embedded Sides

About Our Process

We designed and built our first garden boxes for use in our own homes and with only one instruction: “if you’re going to build my garden boxes, they had better look good!”.  

Lack of quality and craftsmanship in other products available on the market was disappointing, but it made us want to build the best gardens available.  We believe just as much care and attention should go into the products that support your garden as your garden itself.  

While those first garden boxes still grow our tomatoes and cucumbers today, our products have evolved from their initial design.   We believe better products come from smart design and smart design requires iteration and constantly seeking improvement.  

About Us

Jameson is a co-founder. He’s from Wisconsin (Go Packers!) but grew up in Idaho. He lives in Denver with his Wife Caroline and 2 daughters. Caroline is the gardener and Jameson likes to build stuff, which is how he roped Dylan into making a business of Backyard Boxes.

Dylan is the other of our 2 co-founders. He lives in Denver with his wife, Lauren and their 2 dogs, Beanie and Olive. They enjoy spending their time climbing, hiking an hanging with their pups. Dylan’s favorite thing about Backyard Boxes is seeing customers’ gardens in full bloom!