One Man’s Sawdust is Another Rescue Horse’s Bedding

One man’s sawdust is another rescue horse’s bedding, or in this case OUR sawdust is another rescue horse’s bedding. Handcrafting raised garden beds in our woodshop creates a lot of sawdust by-product. Bags and bags of it. Naturally we didn’t want to waste it or burn it and that’s when we found Mile High Equestrian and Rescue. 

Mile High Equestrian and Rescue

Mile High Equestrian and Rescue is a Denver based 501c(3) non-profit dedicated to equine rescue and horse adoptions. Emily and Maria met through their passion for horses while volunteering at animal rescues. When they saw how many horses were abandoned, neglected or slaughtered they realized they wanted to help. Their similar philosophies and training methods could help all these horses who needed a second chance. And so MHR was born. 

Smokey’s Final Pasture

We reached out to see if they could use our saw dust in the stable’s and thankfully they did. They have around 30 indoor stalls they use to rehab Rescue Horses. Each stall requires fresh sawdust daily to give the rescues a soft clean bed to lay on. 

Most of our shavings are used for the rescue’s “gentle old man”, a horse named Smokey. He was surrendered to the Mile High by his owners and MHR promised they would be his home forever. 

We are thrilled to be working with such an amazing organization and proud that our shavings get to be a part of Smokey’s final pasture. 

To learn more about Mile High Equestrian and Rescue and all of thier wonderful progarams visit their web page HERE

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